National Institute for Environment

The National Institute for Environment (NeKI), the background institution to the Ministry of Rural Development, was created as an institution, which has been missing for a long time. In our days and age it is vital that policy decisions are made on the basis of scientific justification, for which a proper level of professional background… Tovább

IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Kft.

Our company is committed to a sustainable lifestyle, therefore we would like to contribute to the population, institutions, local governments, businesses and other organizations in an environmentally and energy efficient way of life. For this goal we offer a complex energy advice and carry out awareness raising projects.

University of Maribor

The mission of the University of Maribor is based on honesty, curiosity, creativity, freedom of spirit, cooperation and knowledge transfer in the field of science, art and education. Concerned with mankind and sustainable development, the University of Maribor expands knowledge, raises awareness, and promotes humanistic values as well as the culture of dialogue, quality of… Tovább


ECOsynergy aims to create a corporate collaborations, that gives the possibility of development and  increasing competitiveness for the organization. We believe that small and medium enterprises in similar situation should cooperate in terms of creating competitive advantage. The collaboration can only work, if the organizations  involved complementary , thereby it is creating value for each of… Tovább

South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency Nonprofit Ltd.

The South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency (STRDA) is basically a regionally owned nonprofit limited liability company serving the public good and making no profit. On the other hand it carries out activities that are often subject to business consultancy and are usually outsourced by regional authorities. This makes a perfect combination of approaches that makes… Tovább

Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja ltd.

It is the vision of our Agency to be the link between public, private and civil sector in building up of strategic partnerships in application and implementation of projects that contribute to raising of life standard on the territory of Slavonia and Baranja. Our mission is promotion of regional development through available EU funds as… Tovább

Josip Juraj Strossmayer University

Organization of the University of Osijek The University of Osijek (official abbreviation: UNIOS) is one of seven Croatian universities. As a modern European higher education institution it acts as a regional centre of knowledge, research and excellence. UNIOS consists of 11 faculties, 5 University departments, 1 Academy of Arts.

International Development Norway

IDN is a spin-out company from SINTEF, the largest independent research institute in Scandinavia. Working on international projects for more than 10 years has gained us great experience and a big pool of excellent experts. Close collaboration with other Norwegian stakeholders working with innovation, technology and business development provides us with the access to high… Tovább

Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek

Vision Faculty will become leading research and educational institution in the field of biotechnical sciences in the region. Until 2020 Faculty will be recognisable in certain research fields in which it will achieve excellence on international level. Faculty will be actively involved in ERA, and it will become biotechnical centre of excellence for transfer of… Tovább

City of Osijek

Osijek (pronounced [ɔ̂sijɛ̝ːk]) is the fourth largest city in Croatia with a population of 108,048 in 2011. It is the largest city and the economic and cultural centre of the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia, as well as the administrative centre of Osijek-Baranja County. Osijek is located on the right bank of the river Drava,… Tovább