Leadership in Modern Agriculture

2021 August 4.

Nowadays agriculture has to address and find solution to several major challenges. It has to supply a continuously growing population at a reasonable price, while conserving and protecting natural resources and being financially viable for the producers.

These challenges has generated the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, referred also to as smart farming, sustainable agriculture, precision agriculture.

Modern agriculture requires the development and implementation of modern technologies, products, practices and approaches, and as well as properly trained professionals leading and managing this transformation.

To facilitate the transformation in the developing world, especially in the countries of the Middle-East and North-Africa the program „Leadership in Modern Agriculture” has been initiated and will be run by EUROPEER Foundation.

The program intends to prepare talented students to implement modern agriculture in the countries of the targeted regions. The 1 year program consists of short training sessions, workshops, study tours, preparation of case studies, as well as mentoring activities.

Participants of the program will get a deep insight in the elements and tools of modern agriculture, as well as acquire the indispensable leadership and management skills. Participants are expected to be students making their PhD, Master, or MBA studies and can apply for a scholarship to cover the entire costs of their participation.

The program is planned to be launched in 2021.

To find out more about the program, please visit the soon-to-be-accessed website: lma.europeer.eu.